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I began my sports collecting like most of you by collecting as a child. 1980 Topps was my first set. I enjoyed it more than anything as a kid, and that began my adventure in this hobby. I began the business side in college doing trade shows many weekends in the early and mid1990’s.

             Our first sports card shop was a very small one in Iowa City in 1993, which quickly moved in 1994 to Coralville on Fifth Street across from the Coralville Library. I was running that store full time when my wife and I got married and graduated from the University of Iowa.

             After going back to Iowa to get my masters in accounting several years later, I took a few years off from full time sports cards. I reopened a card store in North Liberty in 2007, and then moved it back to Coralville. During this time, RK Collectibles was also very active on eBay where I specialized in baseball team sets.

             In 2013 Jason Burch joined up with me to do online breaks on breakers.com and then on Facebook. This was early in the breaking world, but we quickly developed a customer base that is still active today through the current store. I began to slowly pair this with a box and case business that reached its peak during the pandemic.

In 2020 we opened our current store, RK Collectibles, and Jason joined the staff full time. We offer a large selection of boxes and graded cards. We offer PSA submissions and continue to do online breaks from the store.

             Roxanne and I have 1 child, Hailey, who is graduating in 2024 and headed to the University of Iowa like her parents. Our family has lived in Coralville for over 30 years and have always enjoyed the Johnson County area.

             We aim to give that sports card experience at our store every day with a community of collectors. If you need help with anything, just let us know. We hope to help adult collectors and spark kids into a lifetime enjoyment of cards that has meant so much to me.