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RK Collectibles

PSA group submission information

  • We are an authorized group submitter for Collectors Universe in California. We have been sending cards for PSA encapsulation for 5+ years. We have submitted between 500,000 and 1 million cards for ourselves and our customers.


  • The most common format for grading is bulk submissions. We currently charge $22 for most cards submitted this way, with a slight discount for gaming cards. This covers the cost of grading and shipping to and from PSA. These cards must carry an insurance value of less than $500. 


  • The average time for bulk submission cards to return to us is 3-4 months after we mail them to PSA. Please understand we are not always able to mail your cards the day we receive them, as we are building a large group to submit. We usually send bulk submissions every 2 weeks. 


  • PSA offers grading for cards worth more than $500 through several different services and price levels. They also offer grading for autograph cards and autograph authentication. This cost varies based on your insurance value of your card and what % of the shipping cost you are paying. We can determine where your card best fits when you bring them in the store.


  • Many customers request help looking at their cards for grading. We would like to help our store and online customers with these questions and expertise, but please understand our time is limited. When the store is very busy it is sometimes difficult to evaluate cards for customers. Feel free to ask us when we may have time to look over a small group for you.


  • You can help us with this time-consuming activity by looking over your cards first for obvious flaws with edges, corners, surface and centering. Unless the card has substantial value, it is usually not worth grading if it has clear imperfections. EBay is another great source at determining what value your card may have after grading by checking completed auctions.


  • Overall PSA grading is a service we do for our customers. We do not group submit for any other companies currently. Please remember we do not have much control or ability to check on your card after it is submitted. We know it’s tough to wait but some patience is necessary when submitting to PSA. We appreciate your support for our small business and will help you the best we can improve your collection through PSA grading.