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RK Collectibles

Group Break Information

  • If you are also interested in online breaks, we would love it if you gave our room a try. Click the link
    below to join the break room. Many of our members have been breaking with us since our early days of
    online breaks.


  • Jason and I started breaking cards on breakers.com in 2013, when there was a much smaller number of
    breakers online. We move from breakers.com to a personalized Facebook group in 2015 and have
    stayed at the same hosting location since then


  • We specialize in current baseball products, and mostly do full cases by team. We open many products
    for customers that most skip over such as Topps Flagship, Topps Heritage, Topps T206, Topps Mini, most
    online only products and others geared more for the team collector


  • We usually have 3-4 breaks per week. Often Sunday night is our largest break of the week, and then
    during the week most breaks are in the late afternoon. We also occasionally group break some
    basketball and football products also.


  • Breaks are posted with team prices at a set time in our Facebook group with a brand-new post, and
    customers take teams quickly in the comments, first to post gets the team. Many breaks fill out very
    quickly, but some take a little time.


  • After that customers pay for their teams, they can watch the break live on Facebook or watch recorded
    with Facebook or YouTube. Cards are shipped out later to your address, or you can come to the store
    and pick them up. You will find we keep our team prices at a fair rate compared to competitors. We also
    do many promotions and a 1/1 progressive box credit payout.
    Click here to join our Facebook group!

Best Hits of 2024 (Store & Online Breaks)

Caitlyn Clark #1/1

Caitlyn Clark autograph and Bedard rookie !

Caitlyn Clark Black 1 of 1